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MP slams govt for failing to arrest recurrent Gikomba fires

Kamkunji MP Hassan Yusuf has accused the government of dragging its feet in investigating the cause of frequent fire outbreaks at Gikomba Market in Nairobi.

The MP said police have failed to give their investigation report on the cause of many fire incidents at Gikomba market that is a source of livelihood for thousands of families.

For instance, the MP said, police have not made public the report on the June 2018 fire outbreak that claimed 15 lives and injured more than 60 people.


“On March 2019, I asked a question on the frequent fires in Gikomba market on the floor of parliament. It’s absolutely important and urgent to thoroughly investigate and get to the bottom this problem,” said Mr Hassan.

The MP, however, thanked firefighters for their swift action to contain the fire that gutted down several stalls at Line 42 at Gikomba.

Some of the traders at the market however blamed the firefighters for laxity.

“The fire engines arrived here in time but took long before starting to put out the fire. The firefighters showed that they are amateurs. If they were swift, we could have salvaged some of our properties,” said Mr Abdulaziz Kioko, a trader.


Another trader, Ms Anne Wangari, said the recurring fire incidents have caused business people massive losses.

“Our property burnt down in February this year, we lost everything. Last year in November we lost everything. Some of us borrowed money from banks to start our businesses afresh and now everything has been reduced to ashes. What kind of a county is this?” asked Ms Wangari.

According to Nairobi regional commander Philip Ndolo, there were no casualties reported in the incident that has left several traders devastated.

“It is not known what caused the fire but investigations are underway to establish the cause,” said Mr Ndolo.