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MP storms out of TV show over offensive tweet on police killings

The high political tensions in the country played out on live TV on Tuesday when Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo walked out from NTV’s morning talk show over an offensive tweet on ” Luo deaths”.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa has since disowned the Twitter handle that posted the tweet.

Despite continuous persuasion by host anchor Ken Mijungu to stay during the AM Live show,  Mr Amollo walked out moments after Mr Ichungwa had walked in.

“Lasty Ken, allow me to leave. I cannot sit on a panel with Kimani Ichungwa because he sent a tweet that I find offensive, a tweet that suggests its okay to maim and kill Luos,” Dr Omollo said as he unplugged the microphone pinned on his chest.

Dr Omollo was referring to a tweet that went viral on Monday that applauded police killings in opposition strongholds.

Pinned to apologise by Mijungu, Mr Ichungwa however distanced himself from the Tweet.

“That’s not my Twitter account,” Mr Ichungwa said.

“I only have one Twitter account. I am in the process of having it verified. I even suspect these fake accounts are being created and operated by Nasa propagandists,” he added.

“To the Luo nation, if there is someone you will never find fueling ethnic hate, it’s Kimani Ichungwa. Most of my friends are Luos and Somalis.”

Despite this explanation, Dr Omollo still made good his threat to walk out of the show which also had Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi in attendance.