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MP wants elected leaders to work for free

By Charles Wanyoro September 17th, 2019 2 min read

An MP has called for the scrapping of salaries for elected leaders saying they sought public seats to serve, not for monetary gain.

North Imenti legislator Rahim Dawood, who made history for donating his entire salary during his stint as a councillor, said he was ready to lead the way to save the country the huge wage bill.

Speaking at the local NG-CDF offices where he disbursed Uwezo fund cheques worth Sh6.6 million, Mr Dawood said the President, Deputy President, governors, MPs and other elected leaders should do work voluntarily.

He however suggested that they be given some allowances to allow them to move while on duty.

“We spend very few hours in Parliament and others even make technical appearances. All elected leaders should be servants of the people and not seek to enrich themselves,” said Mr Dawood.


During his stint as a civic leader in the defunct Meru Municipal council, Mr Dawood would donate his entire salary to the poor.

He would call needy people and conduct a rotary, with some going home with thousands of shillings.

Mr Dawood also donated five machines for making interlocking bricks which will be used by women’s groups to develop raw material to build better homes.


The MP at the same time lauded the Catholic Church in Murang’a for banning harambees saying it was wrong for politicians to take supremacy battles there.

Mr Dawood said places of worship ought to be respected and that the ban would restrain politicians.

“The act where politicians fought in a church was shameful and disrespect. People should not use places of worship to politic,” he said.


Mr Dawood also hailed DCI George Kinoti and DPP Noordin Haji for their accelerated crackdown on corrupt individuals and urged those opposed to their mode of operation to stop their criticism.

The MP said many corrupt individuals had resorted to attacking the two by tribalising the war on corruption.

“Those attacking Kinoti should know that he has his own people who support his work. Thieves should be prosecuted,” said Mr Dawood.