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MP’s bizarre entourage at funeral sparks village uproar

A bereaved opposition lawmaker shocked villagers when he hired mean-looking bouncers to walk around with him as he mourned a close kin. The bouncers are said to have scared away some villagers from condoling with the lawmaker. The man also hired a battery of bloggers for updates any time a high profile government official visited to condole with him. The bloggers, who have been camping at the MP’s rural home, have been busy posting updates on burial plans. There are also photographers to ensure every moment is captured.

Party leader’s meeting is interrupted

An opposition governor on Wednesday gate crashed a meeting between a top party leader and an MP, who was recently discharged from hospital. The party honcho was having lunch with the MP at a popular joint in Nairobi’s Kilimani when the county boss showed up uninvited, interfering with the discussion. Talk of Town has learnt that the governor already had a session with the party leader in his office in the morning, but chose to follow him after the party honcho reportedly refused to listen to a request. The county boss, who appears to have fallen out of favour because of dalliance with the government, is said to be lobbying for a friend to get a party ticket for a seat in the capital city.

‘Facilitation’ fee lands MP in trouble

An MP is in panic after his party leader got wind that he received some “facilitation” from the government side to join hands in attacking a senior politician in the eye of the storm. The opposition MP is said to be worried about what his boss would think about him if the allegations are proved. Talk of Town has learnt that the party leader was called and informed of the conduct of the MP. The lawmaker who has always presented himself as beyond reproach is now frantically trying to get who could have called his boss about the issue.

UDA members jittery over meeting

A crucial meeting planned by the ruling coalition is said to be causing jitters among some party members who feel they are being sacrificed for the sake of the few in the executive. Some fear they may be targeted over recent public spats linked to the rift between President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua. Talk of Town has learnt that some of the party members are also planning to use the platform to censure some members of the executive who have joined in bashing the second-in-command.

Official takes credit for team’s success

A senior official recently received a cold reception to celebrate the success of a sports team. The official, who took credit for the success, word has it, was said to have heard murmurs by those present during the function. Talk of Town has learnt that the official was never involved in the success of the team but forced himself to be part of the great achievement at the tail-end. Having sensed that he was simply being tolerated in the event, the senior official rushed his speech. Prior to the function, the official and his supporters had been bragging on social media about his leadership yet he has many unfulfilled promises.

MPs differ over Ruto, Gachagua rift

The political rift between President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua is said to have triggered tension between two opposition MPs. The two lawmakers from one of the Nyanza counties recently exchanged words bitterly when the rift between the two top leaders became a subject of discussion in the National Assembly. One of the MPs, who holds a leadership position, is said to have infuriated his colleague with his strong remarks over the matter. The colleague who got offended is said to be close to one of the wrangling politicians.

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