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MPs in near fist fight over Jubilee Party’s ticket – VIDEO

A glimpse of the fallout among Jubilee Party leaders ahead of the nominations was seen on Sunday when supporters of Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti and Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire clashed.

A fundraiser in aid of construction of a recording studio for musicians in Karurumo, Embu East, ended in disarray after rival groups of youth allied to the two politicians disrupted it.

Police intervened as the event degenerated into a near fist fight as Ms Mbarire wrestled the microphone from Senator Lenny Kivuti’s hands.


Word had gone out that Mr Kivuti, who had previously endorsed Ms Mbarire for the gubernatorial seat, was prepared to launch his own bid for the same seat at the function.

The two, together with Governor Martin Wambora, aspirants Kithinji Kiragu and Dr Cyrus Njiru are eyeing the JP ticket for the seat.

The move irked Ms Mbarire’s supporters who reacted angrily whenever Mr Kivuti’s name was mentioned at the event.

Trouble started when Ms Mbarire finished addressing the crowd and invited Mr Kivuti to also address the crowd when about 30 visibly drunk youth started chanting words aimed at castigating him.

When Mr Kivuti took to the podium, he appealed for calm and accused Ms Mbarire of using drunken youth to disrupt his meeting.

“Hiring drunken people to shout me down does not translate to votes. Buying youth cheap brews to interrupt other people in meetings is backward,” said Mr Kivuti.


Ms Mbarire reacted angrily by trying to wrestle the microphone from Mr Kivuti, before police moved in and separated them.

“You can’t come here to abuse me in front of my people yet we have allowed you to be our chairman. I will not allow you to do it,” said Ms Mbarire.

The two politicians left in huff in different directions without making contributions in the harambee.

Sunday’s event came as a surprise to many because the two were hitherto viewed to be working closely.

Until recently when talk emerged that Mr Kivuti intends to vie for the gubernatorial seat, the Senator had been supporting Ms Mbarire who has been campaigning for the seat for about two years now.

The event, which was aimed at raising Sh2.5 million, was abandoned with no money raised.