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MPs plot to kick out chairman over Karen land saga

MPs on Thursday signed a petition to kick out their chairman over the Karen land grabbing saga.

Members of the parliamentary Lands committee  presented to the media a list of names of 24 out of the 29 members who had agreed to have Mr Alex Muiru (Tharaka, URP) removed as chairman.

They  accused  Mr Muiru of not being committed to resolving the issue.

According to vice-chairman Moses ole Sakuda, they have initiated the process of replacing Mr Muiru as they are not happy with the manner in which he has been handling the affairs of the committee.


Mr Muiru was accused of being soft on Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu, who was to appear before the committee on Thursday, to furnish it with documents showing the owners of the 134-acre piece of land in Nairobi.

“We are pained when we don’t see her here. The members have signed for a vote of no-confidence in the chairman. There might be other issues that might have made the committee make such a decision,” said Mr Sakuda.

The MPs said  the summons to the Cabinet Secretary should have been endorsed by the chairman, but he was reluctant to do so.

They also accused Mr Muiru of “threateningly” telling other members that he is the one who determines when meetings can be held.

Mr Sakuda explained that the standing orders state that after members sign, the chairperson has three days to respond before the matter is referred to a liaison committee to facilitate the election of a new chairman.