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MPs reveal why they ‘fear’ enacting introduction of Sex Education in schools

By THOMAS MATIKO November 22nd, 2018 1 min read

A Civil Society group pushing for a bill to be tabled in Parliament for the introduction of Sex Education in schools have been told that such a move would cost Members of Parliament their job.

Right Here Right Now Platform, alongside other 14 other Civil Society groups, are spearheading the push for the establishment of Sex Education in Kenyan schools to help curb teenage pregnancies.


However, the legislators are skeptical about such a bill with many fearing that it could cost them their jobs over the sensitivity of the matter, if the electorate hold divergent views.

“As much as we want to save our teenagers from early pregnancies, this story is dicey to some of us who are from rural constituencies,” Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro was quoted by The Star.


The lobby group recently met more than 10 members of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association in Nairobi to lobby them to introduce the bill which they argue will also help reduce cases of HIV/Aids infections among other sexually transmitted diseases.

The group also believe Sex Education will help adolescents make informed decisions which would help avoid unsafe abortions. The Kenya Young Parliamentarian Association is led by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.