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MP’s son commits suicide shortly after making Facebook announcement

A son of Bomet East MP Beatrice Kones committed suicide on Thursday night moments after announcing on social media that he would take his life.

Collins Kipyegon committed suicide at their home in Ngata on the outskirts of Nakuru, some 13km from Nakuru town.

Collins, 39, had posted on social media that he would kill himself, sources told the Nation.

He made the chilling post on Thursday night saying he was tired of life. Moments later, friends who read his post and rushed to his house, found him unconscious.

They were forced to break into the house and later rushed him to Nakuru War Memorial hospital where he died as doctors tried to save his life.


His mother was forced to cut short her tour of duty in South Africa where she had been attending a Pan African parliamentary meeting to fly back home.

“There is a claim that Collins had domestic disagreement with his wife and moments later posted on the social media that he will kill himself,” said a source who knows the family but declined to be identified as he is not the family spokesperson.

Among the first people who confirmed the death and visited the mortuary is former Deputy State House Comptroller Franklin Bett among other leaders from Kericho and Bomet. Collins was third born in a family of five.