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Mr Seed on the spot, again, for being a deadbeat dad

Kenyan gospel artiste Mr Seed has been called out by one of his baby mamas for being a deadbeat dad to their son.

The baby mama, who goes by the name Elizabeth Sonia Michael, has made pubic her frustrations in raising their seven-year-old son alone.

In a rather lengthy post on her Instagram feed which she labeled “Temporary Post”, the Maza actress said she has been working so hard for their son’s wellbeing with little to no support from Mr Seed. She also talked of just how understanding she has been all this while of the singer, but it has only gotten her misused.

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“Dear baby daddy I’m tired. I have tried to be the most understanding baby mama on this planet but for the last seven years Seed you have done nothing but drain me and all I do is try to understand your situation,” reads part Sonia’s statement.

Sonia went on to claim that she takes care of the bills that Mr Seed is meant to cater to, and that as a father, he rarely makes time for their son which she chose to get comfortable with, but can no longer keep up with.

“You’re never there physically I got used to it because I can’t do shit about it… So that’s for Junior to decide when he grows up… I always find means to cover up bills that yo are meant to pay @mrseedofficial nimechoka. I’m a woman, I have fought and made sure he has everything… have never  prioritized @prince_faiz_the_great. So this year I decided I’m no longer that sweet caring baby mama… for those that know me personally they will understand,” she continued.

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Raising her case, Sonia asked Mr Seed to help her raise their son as she is tired of doing it on her own.

“For the last seven I write such paragraphs and delete but I’m tired… I want you to help me raise junior not send me money like you’re doing me a favour and that is when I ask or shout. The only upkeep I take from you is school fees and its never on time.”

She went further to ask the singer to change his ways as his son will grow up to see the kind of father he is at which point he will regret it.

“@mrseedofficial Change if you don’t feel this pain today because you feel junior is young but it will catch up with you later… he will grow and see the difference wewe endelea.”

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