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Mr Seed speaks about battling depression after tragic road accident 

Kenyan gospel artiste Mr Seed has shared a post update on his recovery journey since his tragic accident saying that he’s feeling depressed. 

In an Instagram post, the singer said he has been bedridden for almost a month now and the fact that he has been completely helpless has made him sink into a state of depression. 

“25 days on this bed not been able to walk or clean myself after the accident. This is depressing,” read Mr Seed’s post.

Mr Seed survived a grisly road accident on his way to Nanyuki a month ago. But the singer lost some of his friends in the accident, according to his wife Nimo Gachuiri.

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Nimo said at the time that she still couldn’t believe Mr Seed was alive as the ordeal left her scared after experiencing everything firsthand. Nimo continued sharing the experience via her Instagram stories, expressing her confusion about whether to feel happy or not, as some of her close associates lost their lives in the accident.

“I don’t know whether to be happy that some friends survived because I can’t stop crying. Others lost their lives too. Everything is blurry… I just remember running and seeing them on the ground and begging him to wake up ,” Nimo said. 

She explained that she couldn’t recall everything that happened, although she remembered running to the scene of the accident where there were bodies and begging Mr Seed to wake up.

Nimo further explained that good Samaritans came to their aid and helped them take Mr Seed to the hospital.

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“The car they were in got into a bad accident. We were slightly behind them when we saw a crowd surrounding the scene,” Nimo wrote, adding that her husband suffered a fractured pelvis.

The celebrity couple is one of the most admired in the entertainment scene, although Nimo a while back revealed that her marriage had been troubled.

Nimo also revealed she once broke up with the singer after she got fed up with him. She shared a TBT video she took a few years ago, remembering the day she had called it quits.

“I had dumped him nikajirudisha because huko nje was bad. I called him and told him I wanted to see him I had missed him. He agreed to meet me. He didn’t even ask me a question! He just said he loved me and gave me the keys to his new house and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me,” Nimo recounted.

The two then made up and are married with a son, but Nimo has admitted their marriage isn’t perfect, as many of their fans think.