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Mr Seed’s baby mama, Elizabeth Sonia, blames the musician for her depression

By Sinda Matiko January 28th, 2023 1 min read

Gospel singer Mr Seed’s baby mama, Elizabeth Sonia, says she is currently battling depression orchestrated by the daunting task of being a mother, accusing the musician of worsening the situation.

The Mombasa-based actress shares a seven-year-old son, Prince Faiz, with the controversial singer Moses Tarus Omondi.

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Since parting ways, Sonia says she has been trying to have Mr Seed be part of their son’s upbringing but he has not been up to the task.

“The last time Mr Seed saw his son was in 2019, they don’t share a bond at all. He has been to Mombasa many times but has never called to check out on his son. Sometimes I wonder why he behaves this way and differently towards his other kids with Nimo,” Sonia said.

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She says this scenario has been eating at her and pushing her into depression.

The actress gave birth to her second child last year, a daughter. She says the father of her daughter has never set eyes on the baby, although he provides.

Sonia, who appeared in the Kovu series, is currently out of a job since giving birth sometime last April.

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