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Mr Seed’s public apology to wife Nimo Gachuiri

Gospel singer Mr Seed has extended a public apology to his wife, Nimo Gachuiri, following the backlash generated by his recent comments on marriage during a podcast interview.

The singer’s remarks about men’s inclination to marry multiple women sparked controversy and drew criticism from the public, particularly his partner.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Mr Seed expressed regret for any hurt caused by his comments and pledged to be more considerate in his expressions moving forward.

He wrote: “I apologize sincerely for any unintended hurt my recent comments on marriage and relationships may have caused. I realize now that my words did not align with the respect I hold for you.”

Addressing his wife directly, he added:

“Your feelings matter deeply to me, and I am committed to being more thoughtful in my expressions moving forward. I value our friendship dearly and regret any discomfort my remarks may have brought to you or any other person.”

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Mr Seed disclosed feeling unfairly judged based on a snippet of the video, asserting that the controversial statement was taken out of context.

He clarified his stance on polygamy, affirming that he is committed to his marriage with Nimo and has no intention of having multiple wives.

“I have one wife, and I can never be polygamous. Why should I get a second wife when I have someone that I love?” Mr Seed explained.

He acknowledged that the phrase about men being polygamous, which he quoted, was misinterpreted due to the way it was presented.

Despite the online pressure and public scrutiny, Mr Seed assured that he and Nimo are in good terms, describing the incident as a minor misunderstanding that has been addressed through communication.

He urged people to listen to the complete podcast to fully understand the context of his statements, emphasizing that the purpose of the podcast was to encourage healthy debates and discussions.

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