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Mrs Bonfire bares her fangs in ugly Easter spat with rival Mohamed Hersi

Kenyans were treated to an ugly spat over the Easter holidays between two leading tour operators over the driving of tour vans off-track at the Tsavo National Park to give tourists a better view of the wild animals.

It all started when a Facebook user by the name Lalindra De Silva shared an image that captured tour vans belonging to Bonfire Adventures parked on the grass at the Tsavo.

Veering from designated tracks in the park is considered a breach of rules at the park.

Lalindra asked Kenya Wildlife Service to take action against the company, a call that was backed by many others.

Mr Mohamed Hersi, the boss at Pollman Tours and Safaris, shared the post and asked the management of Bonfire Adventures to respect nature and practice responsible safari guiding.


“To my friend Simon Kabu and Bonfire Team. While we wish you well in your business please get your drivers to respect nature and practice responsible safari guiding. The wild animals are already stressed enough with biting drought and lack of pasture. The word is Responsible Tourism & Sustainability,” he posted.

A few minutes later, Ms Sarah Kabu, the co-owner of Bonfire Adventures, posted an image of Pollman vans also parked off-track at Maasai Mara game reserve.

In the post, Ms Kabu claimed that Mr Hersi hates domestic tourism.

Ms Kabu went ahead to tell Mr Hersi to stick to his lane “of mzungu pale pollmans and we stick to ours.”

She also challenged him to speak on the number of trees he has planted and promised to “personally follow Pollman’s convoys in July and August and take videos when the guides go off-track.”


Bonfire Adventures moments later posted a video of Chief Executive Simon Kabu dancing with his wife Ms Sarah Kabu on the dance floor.

The two are captured in the short video jamming to rapper King Kaka’s latest hit song ‘Dundaing’.

Simon clad in jeans and a red t-shirt puts his best foot forward while Ms Sarah in a blue shift dress followed in his steps.

“Putting the best leg forward. Sometimes you have to forget everything and all what matters is your loved one. #thekabus,” wrote Simon Kabu.