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Msupa na shamba: Kambua sparks controversy for selling cheap land

By Grace Kerongo January 31st, 2023 2 min read

Gospel artist Kambua who is well-known for her powerful voice and inspiring lyrics raised eyebrows when she posted about land being sold in Malindi.

“We’re kicking off the year on a high note courtesy of Risiih Investments. Here’s an opportunity for you to secure a piece of Kenya at the Coast.”

The price of the piece of land is very low, and she described the location as “40 minutes from Malindi town, next to the solar plant.”

Kambua encouraged her followers to invest, saying, “The process is simple and very transparent. I can vouch for their integrity.”

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However, Kambua’s promotion of the land sale created a lot of controversy and drew mixed reactions from netizens. Some people were skeptical about investing in land, especially in today’s market.

One user, Engineer Musasia Titus said, “Tunaogopa mashamba saa hii. (We are afraid of investing in land at the moment).”

Despite the negative feedback, Kambua remained professional and responded to the comment by saying, “I understand.”

Another Facebooker made light of her financial situation. Okoth Vicky Music commented, “Kambua, We are waiting for the coming of JESUS CHRIST. In heaven, there is no rent and buying of land.”

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On a more serious note, John Kai, pointed out, “Kambua, I was born and brought up in Malindi, I probably know this region better than you do. Chakama is far from Malindi, many people have reached out to find out about these pieces of land you people advertise, but not giving the right and correct information.”

A Reddit user, Melanin Queen, was livid about how influencers are being used to sell land. He narrated, “Once in a while, I hop into my Instagram account and see what’s popping, and have ya’ll noticed that almost everyone’s social media Aunt or Uncle is selling land?

Before ya’ll come saying they are legit and that I’m a hater, hear me out…Kwanza, Mombasa be careful, the amount of land that’s in pending court cases due to ethnic/tribal property issues is through the roof.

Most legit land is sold through banks. How many of these influencers even tell the buyers to go to Ministry of lands etc?

I saw on one of those influencer pages, one time a woman who was trying to buy land by one of these local influencers, and once she mentioned she was hiring her lawyers to verify, the guys didn’t want any meetings. I give it five years till this all falls and we see another con/scam saga.”

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