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Mtaandamana hadi mchoke! Ruto warns Raila

By Winnie Onyando February 22nd, 2023 2 min read

President William Ruto has responded to ODM leader Raila Odinga’s plans of mass action.

Speaking during the launch of the Nairobi River Commission in Nairobi, the Head of State without singling out said he will not cave in to Mr Odinga’s demands.

“We want to tell them that hatutishwi na maandamano (we are not scared by the demonstrations). They will demonstrate until they get tired,” said Ruto as the crowd cheered.

“We are telling him that he will not succeed,” he added.

President Ruto stressed that he will not allow impunity to prevail in the country.

“Nobody is going to threaten Kenyans and I repeat nobody will govern the country with impunity. This country will be governed by the rule of law,” Ruto added.

His sentiment came just hours after the Azimio la Umoja leader held a prayer meeting at Jevanjee Grounds and gave ultimatums to be fulfilled by Ruto’s government.

He decried the high cost of living which Kenyans are facing, further demanding a return of subsidies to cushion Kenyans from the prevailing economic situation.

“If demands are not heeded within 14 days, we shall lead Kenyans to mass action across the country to restore sanity. Ruto, your time is up. Deliver for the people or face the consequences,” said Odinga.

The two leaders who faced off in the August 2022 polls have been in a battle of words with Odinga demanding the Kenya Kwanza government to fulfil its promises to Kenyans.

Odinga has been leading various political rallies across the country to mobilize his supporters in a bid to push the agenda of reducing the cost of food in the country.

On the other hand, Ruto has also been responding to Odinga’s claims indirectly and sometimes directly in various media briefings.

The increasing rate of inflation in the country has pushed the prices of various commodities to go up with the majority now unable to afford things like cooking flour, cooking oil, sugar and electricity.

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