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Mtu na mpoa wake! Socialite Corazon, baby daddy Frankie spotted together

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 10th, 2023 2 min read

Socialite and lawyer Corazon Kwamboka and her former partner, fitness enthusiast Frankie Just GymIt, were recently spotted together in a late-night party video that has since gone viral.

The video, initially shared on Frankie’s Insta-stories but recorded by Corazon, has raised questions among their fans about whether the once-separated couple might be rekindling their romance.

In the video, Frankie Just GymIt is seen playfully trying to evade the camera, showcasing an unexpected and adorable side of the fitness icon.

Frankie captioned the video with a cryptic message:

“Ukihepa blogs” (When you’re dodging blogs).

In the background of the video, the song ‘Moto moto’ by Tanzanian artist Ray C played.

Fans were quick to connect the dots, wondering if this was a subtle message from the couple about their potential reunion.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just GymIt made headlines a few years ago when they publicly announced their breakup.

Since then, both have kept their private lives relatively under wraps, with Corazon focusing on her legal career and Frankie continuing his fitness journey and social media presence.

The unexpected video has ignited a frenzy of speculation on social media, with fans and followers flooding the comments sections with questions, well-wishes, and hopes for a possible reunion.

Corazon and Frankie have two children together.

In June, Corazon opened up about the challenging period following her breakup with Frankie, revealing that she felt overwhelmed and emotionally shattered when she found herself alone with her two young children.

In a candid conversation with Grace Ekirapa on her Cradle Love series YouTube channel, Corazon shared the intense emotions she experienced after parting ways with her baby daddy. She described the time as incredibly difficult, one that she prefers not to dwell on.

“It was a period when it was just me and my kids, and it’s a phase of my life I’d rather not revisit… Back then, I was completely on my own. It was a time of my life when I went through so much that sometimes I just don’t want to reflect upon.”

The mother of two vividly recounted moments when she would shed tears, and her children would join in her sorrow.

She expressed sadness that her children had to witness her pain.

“I used to sit there and cry every night. My daughter would cry because she saw me crying, and my son would start crying because he saw his sister crying, and then all of us would end up in tears together.”

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