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Mubabaz’ encounter with young woman asking for money leaves TikTokers in stitches (Watch)

By Winnie Mabel September 14th, 2022 2 min read

A Kenyan TikTok user going by the profile name john_tree45 took to social media to narrate his experience after approaching a young lass at a mall. Mubabaz is local Kenyan slang for an older man with money seeking out and dating younger women.

“I met a lady in a mall and asked for her number and she gave it to me. After a few days, I called her and she told me I was too old for her. 

So I decided with my age to keep off of her. Then after some days she called me and told me that she wanted some money and I asked her what the money was meant for. 

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She told me she wanted a new dress. I did not hesitate to inform her that my money is too old to buy new things and my money even has a walking stick and grey hair. She has never called again,” said John.

Watch the Tiktok video below.


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“I wish I am the one who met with you maybe I could have been the happiest one,” wrote Dada Kega.

“You’re not too old. Wachana na tuschana (leave young girls alone,” wrote Ann Jimmy.

“Uh Kwani hujui (you don’ know) jokes? Our baby girl was just joking about you being old,” wrote Nyar Obiero66.

“Emotional damage,” wrote Meriikanjee7.

Many told the original poster that old is gold and that they were sorry he was treated that way.

“But madem surely unaanzaje kuomba pesa mtu hutaki (But women surely, how do you start asking for money from someone you don’t want?)” wrote Marren96.

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“Emotional damage. Which mall is that again? Asking for a friend,” wrote another commenter.

“Very good. She deserved the trim you gave her. Your money has a walking stick? Spare my ribs,” wrote Kenyan Bae.

“Are you shocked? Why are you shocked? Kwani wewe ulikuja Nairobi jana? (Did you come to Nairobi yesterday?)” wrote Shirleen.

Others went on to congratulate the man for dishing out the an-eye-for-an-eye kind of justice, and giving the young woman the best possible answer in that situation.

“Same way men say women are old for them forgetting love is not for any reason. May you get the best for you,” wrote Humble Joy8.

“How I wish I was the one because grey hair is always a turn-on for me. Anyway, let me shut up for the sake of her emotional damage,” wrote Winnie Washera.

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