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Mudavadi: Give Ruto two years to improve economy

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has asked Kenyans to give President William Ruto two years to turn around the country’s economy.

Speaking during question time at the National Assembly, Mudavadi acknowledged the Kenya Kwanza government requires ample time to establish and implement effective plans to improve the country’s economy.

“I want to be very honest to this House and to the Kenyan people, that we are in this for the long haul, the circumstances that we are in cannot be wished away like instant coffee,” he said.

“It will be a folly for me to stand here and tell Kenyans that you can have an outright instant solution to the recovery of our economy, it will be a folly,” he added.

He emphasized that resolving the current economic challenges cannot be an instant process, and it will require dedication and sustained efforts.

Mudavadi admitted that promising a quick and easy solution to economic recovery would be foolish, and pledged to concentrate on the essential areas consistently and religiously to tackle the situation. Despite expecting challenges, Mudavadi reassured Kenyans that there is hope for the economy’s recovery.

“We’re going to focus on priorities and have them sustained consistently, religiously, and we need to be prepared to have at least two years of challenges, but there is hope.”

The Prime CS explained the subsidy on fertilizer will continue beyond this planting season as the government seeks to increase production after witnessing the lowest maize harvest in the last 10 years due to drought.

Recently, the country’s economy has struggled amid several challenges, including rising inflation, and a widening income gap.

These issues have led to protests and public outcry, with many Kenyans expressing frustration at the government’s failure to address these economic issues adequately.

So challenging is the situation that the government has failed to pay civil servants on time.

Many government employees have experienced significant delays in receiving their salaries, leading to financial difficulties and hardship for many families.

The situation has been especially challenging for lower-paid workers who have little financial cushion to fall back on.

President William Ruto has acknowledged the problem and passed on the blame on the country’s debt burden saying the debt levels have increased significantly in recent years, raising concerns about the country’s ability to repay its loans.

The president has argued that the government must prioritize debt servicing to maintain the country’s credit rating and avoid defaulting on its loans.

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