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Mudavadi opens up on relationship with DP Gachagua

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has dismissed claims of a rift between him and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Mudavadi, in a recent interview, also shared his commitment in fulfilling his duties in support of President William Ruto.

When questioned about the alleged cold war between him and the Deputy President, Mudavadi responded with a sense of bewilderment, suggesting the matter did not even warrant a response.

Mudavadi highlighted he and the DP are not only colleagues but also friends who have a cordial and harmonious rapport.

He stressed that he gets along very well with the DP.

“I don’t even know whether that (question) warrants a response. My job is to assist the President and his Deputy among other things. We are friends and get along very well (with the DP),” said Mudavadi

The remarks will dispel rumors and speculation about a supposed conflict between the two leaders who sit in cabinet.

The statement comes at a time speculation has surrounded the relationship between the two seniot politicians in President Ruto’s government.

The tense relations between the duo started when the DP appeared to win the race to become President Ruto’s running mate in the run up to the 2022 presidential elections, at the expense of Mudavadi.

And recently, the DP suggested Mudavadi’s trips abroad were of little conseuqence in the scheme of things.

He said: “I have heard people saying Musalia is doing my job (by travelling out of the country). That he is the one going to Nigeria while I have been handed the ordinary jobs of fighting alcohol and drug abuse. I am the one that told the President to leave me here in Kenya to fight alcoholism and drug abuse,” Gachagua said.

“The only trip I’ll attend outside the country will be about resource mobilisation. If I go to see a new President being sworn in what do I bring back? I do not need it.) ,” he said.

Mudavadi has represented President Ruto in a number of high profile events out of the country including the swearing in of Nigeria President Bola Tinubu.

He has also been to Burundi for the DO Congo peace talks, in Angola, and Brazil.

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