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Mudavadi’s push for Africa trade in Nigeria

Prime Cabinet Secretary (PCS) Musalia Mudavadi has emphasized the need for African leaders to build strong political foundations for growth of democracy and economic power in the continent.

He said it is high time that African leaders seize the opportunity being presented by the changing global dynamics to promote constitutionalism, progressive democracy and fidelity to the rule of law.

“The tenets of democracy call for fidelity in the rule of law and adhering to the set guidelines stipulated under the constitution. African leaders should rise to the occasion and be an example of leaders who mean well for their people by applying what is right at all the times.” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi made the remarks in sideline bilateral talks, when he represented President William Ruto at the inauguration of the 16th President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He however acknowledged the challenging global economic climate and its impact on African countries, emphasizing the need for political stability, peace, and sustainable democratic systems to navigate these precarious times effectively.

He stressed that African nations must prioritize creating a favorable environment for economic growth by ensuring political stability and providing a space for sustainable democratic practices.

Mudavadi further expressed his belief that African countries, under the leadership of their respective leaders, should embrace political competition as a means to showcase the will of the people and foster progressive democratic development. He affirmed that by doing so, Africa will emerge as a significant player on the global stage

“In democracy, you have to agree there is a moment you will win and there is a moment you will lose. Leaders should always remember that the will of the people through a transparent, credible, verifiable, legal and accepted process prevails over personal selfish interests. It is always paramount to let the will of the people be done,” he stated.

He also advocated for a strengthened bilateral collaboration between Kenya and Nigeria, highlighting the existing cordial relations that span various domains and emphasized that both countries have engaged in extensive discussions on crucial areas of mutual interest that would not only benefit their respective citizens but also contribute to the advancement of the entire continent. Mudavadi pointed out the significance of several cooperation agreements signed between Kenya and Nigeria, serving as a foundation for commitments in trade, service delivery, and the promotion of democratic growth.

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