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Mudavadi’s video sparks online conversations

A video of Amani coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi while addressing youth’s at an evening function has sparked speculations of him planning to join the Cord coalition.

In the video, a visibly drunk Mudavadi is seen standing next to the Cord leader Raila Odinga and ODM’s James Orengo.

A crowd of youth’s surrounding them prompts Mudavadi to comment on his political plans.

Mudavadi then struggles to position the microphone in readiness for his speech and is helped by about three men to bring it close after which he tells those drinking “Huko nyuma” to be quiet.


He then goes on to deliver an uncoordinated speech of how his ‘elder brother’ (in reference to Raila) has welcomed him well.

He adds that if he was to work with his elder brother all would be well but says only God knows.

Mudavadi’s speech is met by ululations from the youths and after he wraps up they break into a Luhya dance that he joins in.

The question of whether the politician actually meant or perhaps knew what he was uttering has been the subject of the discussion online with some saying he was intoxicated.