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Muggings in CBD: Man stripped of everything, left with underwear

By CHAD KITUNDU October 24th, 2018 1 min read

A city dweller was on Tuesday night at pains to explain to matatu touts that he was of sound mind after being mugged in the city centre and  left with his underwear.

One Fetty Wafunya narrated on Twitter how he came face to face with the muggers on Tuesday night.

The incident happened along Temple Road.

“Mahn. In my entire Nairobi life I had never been mugged before. Jana nilijua sijui. They took everything including my trousers and shoes. Ngori sasa ilikuwa kuconvince watu wa matatu ati mimi si mwendawazimu na niko tu na boxxers na socks pekee,” tweeted Wafunya.

He added that the muggers left him with a few dents on his face but doctors gave him an okay.

He wondered how people no longer have a sense of humanity in this world.

“How can the take everything even a trouser?” he wondered.