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Rose Muhando ‘exorcised of demons’ by Pastor Ng’ang’a

By THOMAS MATIKO November 21st, 2018 1 min read

One-time popular Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando is back in the news again. This is after an undated video clip emerged online showing the singer appearing to be possessed by ‘demons’.

In the video, controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center is seen ‘exorcising the demons’ from the singer, who over the last few years has been hit with one scandal after another.

The clip shows the flamboyant Pastor Ng’ang’a summoning Muhando to the pulpit and starts praying to ‘cast out the demons’ inside her.


While the man of God is doing the exorcism, Muhando who has bandaged right hand, falls to the ground and started rolling with the ‘demons’ in her speaking in what appears to be accusations against Muhando’s former manager Alex Msama for the singer’s miseries.

“Ni meneja wake alitutuma sisi, tukachukua gari zake zote, tukachukua vitu vyake vyote. Na sisi tumemtoa nyumbani sasa asirudi nyumbani, miezi mitatu sasa…” the ‘possessed’ Muhando says.

Last year, Msama who is credited with Muhando’s musical success before it came tumbling, stated that he was willing to help her out again if she changed her ways.


Msama ditched Muhando after she reportedly got into drugs, with Tanzanian media reporting that Muhando sold her four luxurious cars so as to sustain her drug addiction.

She was also accused of conning by failing to show up in gigs already paid for.

Muhando would later claim her life was in danger as she started receiving death threats.

In May last year she revealed to Nation that she was relocating to Kenya for fear of her life.