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Muhoozi: I’m waiting for my father’s permission to contest for the presidency.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni’s son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba has said that he is waiting for his father’s permission to contest for the presidency.

Muhoozi, keen on succeeding his father come 2026, said that he could only run for the seat if his father okay’s it. However, in the past, Muhoozi boldly announced that he would run for the highest seat to appease his mother.

But in a twist and turn of events, it seems that the controversial Muhoozi needs to seek his father’s authorization before being on the ballot.

“If my father allows me to stand in 2026, We will shock the entire country with the amount of support we have,” he tweeted.

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Additionally, his sentiments were backed up by his newly appointed spokesperson Andrew Mwenda who confirmed Muhoozi’s position in the 2026 election, saying, “Within the movement (NRM) there are people who think he should run in 2026. Muhoozi has said, for him to run in 2026, he will need his father to approve of it.”

Mwenda also shared that the General is not in a contest with his father but with Kizza Besigye, a long-time unsuccessful presidential contestant, or Bobi Wine, an opposition leader in Uganda who has also announced that he would be on the ballot come 2026.

“General Muhoozi is a grassroots movement saying this is the new Uganda that we want,” he explained.

However, Uganda’s Vice President Jessica Alupo recently announced that President Museveni, 78, would contest. Saying that the Head of State had enabled the country to register growth in the road, industry, power, and ICT sectors, Alupo urged Ugandans to support him as they have always done so that he could help eradicate poverty.

“President Museveni will still be with us in 2026 and he will contest and be there after the elections. Please, support him as you have always done,” she said.

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