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Muigai Wa Njoroge’s alleged third baby mama defends controversial song ‘Nyagacu’

Controversy surrounds Kikuyu gospel artiste, Muigai Wa Njoroge as reports emerge of his alleged infidelity towards his second wife, Queen Stacey.

The scandalous affair has sparked a flurry of speculation after the pair was reportedly seen together multiple times along Thika Road.

It is alleged that Muigai and the new woman may have a child together

The purported scandal has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, casting a shadow over the celebrated singer’s personal life.

In a post seen by this writer, the alleged woman took to social media to defend Muigai amidst controversy surrounding his recent song release, which allegedly targeted his first wife, Njeri.

In a Facebook post, the lady voiced her support for Muigai’s right to speak out, questioning societal double standards and advocating for men’s voices to be heard.

“Why do people expect men to withstand and stay quiet while hurting from inside? Whenever a girl child expresses herself, everyone is supportive… Does it mean a girl child is more important than a boy child? Men too need a soft ground to express themselves.”

Meanwhile, Muigai’s second wife, Queen Stacey, hinted at turmoil in her own social media post, alluding to personal struggles and resilience.

The US-based mother of three shared a poignant message affirming her strength amidst adversity, signaling that all may not be well within her marriage.

“I have stood firm through my storm, and I am still standing. I have rolled down many hills only to find myself standing back up… All I need is to stand tall till the end. I am a strong woman,” Queen Stacey wrote, hinting at the challenges she may be facing behind closed doors.

The polygamous musician recently ignited a discussion with the release of his latest song, Nyagacu, which translates to “an immoral and restless woman.”

The song’s release follows closely on the heels of an announcement from his first wife, Njeri, who recently announced that she had walked out of the polygamous marriage.

Njeri shed light on the challenges she endured during her decade-long marriage to Muigai, particularly after he took Queen Stacey as his second wife.

In the new song, Muigai appears to address the recent breakup, lamenting the presence of an immoral woman who contrasts sharply with his obedient wife waiting for him at home.

He advocates for discretion in handling domestic affairs, suggesting that wise individuals refrain from airing their grievances in public.

“When you hear homes are like ropes with strong ties that are only untied by the involved parties… a wise person is always minding about the children. Who knows how to keep domestic affairs safe and can’t utter destruction,” he sings.

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