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Muigai Wa Njoroge’s second wife, Stacey, pens Valentine’s Day note

Muigai wa Njoroge’s marriage, his second wife, Queen Stacey has taken to social media to celebrate him on Valentine’s Day, expressing her affection with a heartfelt message.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love,” Stacey captioned a photo with Muigai on her TikTok page.

Queen Stacey, Muigai’s second wife, currently resides in the United States and makes periodic visits to Kenya to see her husband.


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Stacey’s message comes in the wake of disclosures from her co-wife, Njeri, who recently revealed during an interview with Kameme FM that she is no longer with Muigai.

Addressing the difficulties in their relationship, Njeri candidly shared that despite their efforts, the marriage ultimately proved unsustainable, citing anger and emotional strain as contributing factors.

“Tulishindwa! Ati am I married? Not anymore! Not anymore! We tried, I don’t want to blame anyone because we tried, but unfortunately, it never worked, and that is the saddest thing. It never worked, anger became the danger,” she said.

Acknowledging Muigai as a responsible father, Njeri emphasised that while they attempted to make the relationship work, prioritising her own well-being was very key.

“He is a responsible man and he takes care of his children. We tried but I realised I will be a sad person as it had started taking a toll on me again and I was going back to alcoholism,” she said.

“Everything happening to me is divine. It happens for a reason. Whatever happened, I believe it was divine,” she added.

Last year, on February 14, the musician made headlines for sharing affectionate moments with both Njeri and Queen Stacey, capturing the attention of social media users with photos of kisses shared with each wife.

In a heartfelt message accompanying the photos, Muigai expressed gratitude for the commitment and understanding demonstrated by his wives, attributing the success of their relationship to their selflessness and unwavering support.

“My wives made a decision against selfishness, against hatred; hearts like these, and at a time like this are rare,” Muigai wrote, acknowledging the dedication of his spouses.