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Mulamwah denies cheating on girlfriend, renews beef with Kamene Goro

By Thomas Matiko January 28th, 2021 2 min read

Just days after reuniting with his ex-girlfriend Carrol ‘Sonie’ Muthoni, comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has denied allegations that he cheated and that is what caused their break-up.

The comedian also took a swipe at Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro following their long-standing beef that has seemingly refused to go away.

Mulamwah and Sonie split in October last year just months after they lost their first pregnancy.

The comedian made public the break-up by posting a long message on his Instagram page wishing Sonie well without giving details of what caused their separation.

At the time, Goro weighed in on the matter, calling the comedian out during her show and accusing him of trying to get public pity from the saga.

She went on to add that what Mulamwah did to the actress was not right, explaining that public breakups are always messy.

Speaking to Nairobi News days after posting a video online in which he is getting cozy with Sonie, he confirmed they were back together then went ahead to bash the Kiss presenter.

“Yes we back together after sorting out our misunderstandings. Much was said when we broke up that I had cheated, truth is I wasn’t the cause of our split. I did not cheat but rather we had arguments over other matters affecting us and chose to take a break from each other,” Mulamwah explained.

“But as always people, bloggers will always have something to say, others like Kamene judged and opinionated on matters they did not understand. All this time Sonie and I remained silent,” he added.

The bad blood between Mulamwah and Goro started when the comedian at one time body shamed the outspoken presenter with a comment that he claimed was meant to be a joke.

He says he later apologised to her when he realised she had taken it to heart.

However, it appears Goro never accepted the his apology as she revealed months later during her morning talk show with Jalang’o, saying she did not like the comedian’s personality.