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Mulamwah’s girlfriend shares the pain she suffered following her miscarriage

The girlfriend of comedian Mulamwah, Caroline Muthoni, aka Carrol Sonie, has for the first time spoken about the suffering they went through after they lost their unborn child a few months ago.

Muthoni says she was heartbroken to the point that she couldn’t stand seeing a baby.

“I remember when I told Mulamwah about the news, and he was just depressed. He couldn’t even control himself. The same happened to me; I broke down every time. Every time I saw a baby, I would cry, it was that bad,” Muthoni recounted.

“I want to thank my friends, who came to the hospital to see me; I appreciate your love. Thank you so much for wanting to know how I am doing. I appreciate it, I’m recovering and everything is back to normal,” she added.

Muthoni revealed she was not aware that Mulamwah was quitting comedian since they have had numerous discussions on the issue.


“When Mulamwah decided to quit comedy, I had no idea. We had the conversation countless times, we agreed that he wasn’t going to quit, but he decided to do it anyway without my knowledge. We are even stronger than we were before. It is not easy and can never get easier,” she said.

On Monday, an emotional Mulamwah, whose real name is David Oyando, shocked the online community by uploading a video of himself burning up his trademark shirt, while announcing that he was quitting comedy following constant trolls on social media.

He then revealed his girlfriend had lost their three-month-old unborn baby, following stress caused by online trolls.