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Mum and daughter snapped wearing plastic masks gifted Sh100K-

The Likoni mother and child caught on camera wearing improvised plastic masks while crossing the Channel on Tuesday have been awarded Sh100,000 for being responsible.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho and the County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo who chair and co-chair the County Covid-19 Emergency Committee handed the Sh100, 000 to Ms Susan Kageha and her daughters.

Governor Joho said he was moved and wowed by her action to use plastic bottles for the safety of herself, children and family.

“We saw a lady and her daughter two days ago at Likoni Ferry wearing plastic bottles as masks. It touched our hearts but the positive side to it is that she appreciates that something needs to be done in the fight against the spread of Covid-19,” Governor Joho said.

Joho said despite not having a mask, she had the willingness to secure herself and those she loved.

“Despite you putting on plastic, Hata kama ulivaa chupa you were sending a message that people need to take care of themselves. That is the message we got our here. You wanted to take care of your life and that of your children and family.” Joho said.

He appealed to Kenyans to borrow a leaf from the woman, “Our humble appeal to other citizens in this great country, learn from her. She did not sit at home with an excuse that she didn’t have a mask but she improvised. We are not sure if it works medically but she tried to take precaution.”

Ms Kageha lives in Bomani, Likoni with her two children, 4-year-old Rosemary Esther (who was also wearing am improvised plastic mask) and six-month-old baby, Anne Naomi.

The water vendor said she desired to buy a face mask for herself and children but had to decide between buying a mask and food.

“Since I didn’t have money to buy food and mask so I decided to cut bottles and made something out of it.” Ms Kageha said.

She thanked the Mombasa County Government and said she will spare some money for her mother for upkeep during this Coronavirus era.

Ms Kageha, who is also a skilled tailor, said she would start a tailoring business at Bomani as she waits for the scourge to end.

She was also given face masks to share with her neighbours.