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Mum pleads with Makadara court to lock up son – VIDEO

A mother of a youthful man charged with assaulting his sister emotionally pleaded with a Makadara court to put him behind bars.

Felix Kivoo was charged with unlawfully and intentionally assaulting his sister Rose Mwende at her mother’s home in Mbotela estate, Makadara, Nairobi, on February 7.

And his mother Rachel Malusi appealed to principal magistrate Eunice Suter to lock him up at a place he can reform to prevent him from doing something worse.

“I was there when he committed the assault offense and I see him doing something bigger. I beg the court to investigate him and do what it can,” she said.

Besides the assault charges, Kivoo is facing charges of preparation to commit a felony – namely extortion and possession of public stores after he was found in possession of a pair of handcuffs near City Stadium on February 9.

Possession of public stores is the offence of having items whose use is limited to disciplined services’ personnel including handcuffs, jungles, and the uniforms bearing coat of arms.

Police say Kivoo and his accomplice Benson Kirugu had been prepared to use the handcuffs to arrest and extort money from members of the public.

Suter raised concerns after their third accomplice, who claimed to be a land rights activist was charged with two offences of creating disturbance where he is accused of threatening a resident Patrick Nderitu and an assault charge where he is accused of assaulting him.

The activist claimed he was being framed and jointly charged with a criminal to justify his elimination for defending public land in Makongeni.

He said he returned to Nairobi after a week only to find some rent arrears of Sh800,000 claimed by a state corporation though he has been paying rent without fail, in an attempt to evict him.

Kivoo was freed on a Sh100,000 bond while Karugu and the activist were set free on a Sh20,000 cash bail. Hearing of the case will start on July 13.