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Mummie Francie: I fell for Mbaba while I was dating another man

By Freya Wanjiku September 23rd, 2023 2 min read

TikTok star cum media personality Mummie Francie has revealed details of how she came to fall in love with her husband, whom she affectionately refers to as Mbaba, while she was in a relationship with another man who was serving as a CEO.

In a conversation with Oga Obinna on Obinna TV, the renowned content creator said what attracted her to Mbaba, whose real name is Godfrey Andy, over her previous partner, was his generous nature, and willingness to share whatever he had with her.

“Every morning he would leave me some money even though it was little. The first day he came to my house he did some shopping for me, despite not having a lucrative job,” said Mummie, whose real name is Fransisca Mbaye.

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Mummie recounted her initial interactions with Mbaba, explaining that it began when she was dared to send a message to any man directly in a WhatsApp group they were both part of. Mummie said Mbaba initially ignored her and only responded to her message six months later.

“He wooed me but I knew that our relationship would not work because he was not a potential. But where my heart softened is when he wooed me in the Luhya language,” Mummie said.

However, there was a period when she dated both men at the same time, until Mbaba started suspecting that someone else must have been financing her lifestyle.

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“At first I refuted his claims that someone else was financing my lifestyle but he later came to know and asked me to choose between the two of them,” she said.

Mummie eventually chose Mbaba and she now attributes the success of their relationship to being open and communicating with each other eight years in.

She also said financial satisfaction has played a role in their union.

“I was looking for love, finances, someone who is looking after me every other time even if it is at midnight,” she said.

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