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Mummie Francie openly rejects boda boda man who wanted to propose

By Freya Wanjiku February 8th, 2023 2 min read

TikTok sensation Mummie Francie openly rejected a boda boda man who seemed as though he wanted to propose. Mummie who had worn a floral dera was exiting a building before a man approached her.

Dressed in a green reflector and holding his helmet while his other hand held onto a bouquet of flowers, the man confessed his love for Mummie who could hear none of that.

As she listened to him, Mummie kept her distance urging the young man to leave her alone as she is married.

“You don’t know I am married? Leave me alone,” she could be seen and heard saying in Kiswahili from the video.

The man tried to defend himself saying he could take care of her to which Mummie blurted out, “With what?”

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“A boda boda business? Leave me alone!” she added before taking the flowers.

She would then smell and throw them at him before fleeing the scene while the shocked onlookers were left to digest the whole scenario that played right in front of their eyes.

Watch the entire dramatic scene below.

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Late last year, Mummie wedded her lover Andy popularly known as ‘mubaba’ in a traditional wedding. The wedding was themed black with a touch of gold. It took place at Namutsula Village, Matayos town, Busia County.

The invite was uploaded on TikTok, and the cover of Zabron Singers’ Mkono Wa Bwana hit song. The announcement was met with much merriment from Mummie’s 1.2 million TikTok followers.

Mummie Francie is a social media influencer of all trades. She is a digital content creator with a high following on Youtube, a makeup artist, a model, and an activist for matters about girls and women.

Despite that, she is also known to be the queen of clap backs, especially when she is attacked or her way of life is affected.

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