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Mummie Francie opens up on how her mkorogo business started

TikTok Star Mummie Francie has opened up on how she started off her skin-enlightening (mkorogo) business.

Ticking five years in the business in 2023, Mummie noted that the business had been instrumental in taking care of her family and also starting off other businesses.

Sharing a video on her TikTok, the radio queen said that when she joined the app, she wanted to make some more money by selling her mkorogo when fame ‘located’ her.

“I started selling my mkorogo here in 2021 and I was just in business when I became famous,” she explained.

While this business was inspired by a friend who enquired about the secret to her glowing skin, Mummie revealed to her that she was applying products that she makes herself.

“Could you sell the products to me? she asked and that is how I started my journey as a business owner.”

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Proud of her mkorogo business, Mummie shared that she would always be grateful as the business has enabled her to pay school fees for her siblings, pay hospital bills for her ailing dad, and even build him a house.

“This mkorogo business has gone even in places I have never been into. It has made me start chamas where I manage over 100 people. My chamas for bedsheets, lesos, duvets, and even deras.”

In Early May, Mummie bragged of being the first Kenyan TikToker to start a business on the app saying she was responsible for the fame of the name mkorogo.

“When you hear the name mkorogo, you know Mummie Francie,” she shared.

Last year, she revealed that her light skin colour was a result of the bleaching products. Speaking after the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) announced plans to ban 131 skin whitening products from the Kenyan market, saying they contained substances that should only be used on prescription, Mummie criticised the move saying it is the business that enabled her to take care of her family

“This concerns you because I am a vendor. As you see me here, this is not my original skin colour. Government, this light skin colour is not mine at all! This light skin is from bleaching products and it has helped me take care of my family and has allowed me to do the things you see behind me. These things were built with money from selling bleach.”

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