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Mummie Francie slams critics who called her out for ‘disrespecting’ her husband

TikToker Mummie Francie has responded to critics who called her out for ‘disrespecting her husband.’ In a video on the app, Mummie slammed them, saying she was not responsible for their understanding.

She also enquired why her fans were bashing her yet they were not her in-laws or her husband who is popularly known as ‘Mbaba.’

“The way you understood the video it’s upon you and your people. As long as the video was not dedicated to you, you will continue saying that I got pride. Spice it up with arrogance,” she said.

Still, on their case, Mummie asked why the rumour mongers have no consistency in their gossip. She recalled how some claimed that she was the one who paid up her dowry and not her hubby.

“Now you are claiming that the dowry was all for waste. Did you contribute to it? Since it is affecting you how is my marriage your problem?”

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Additionally, she criticised them for involving in her marriage yet they have not been part of the journey.

“You have your own marital issues but you are the first to rant on other people’s marriages just because they are known on socials,” she continued ranting.

Mummie became a subject of discussion on TikTok after a video went viral of her saying she is not her husband’s keeper.

The sensation, who doubles up as a content creator, was responding to a query on whether there would be a conflict between her and her husband due to her close relations with Billy Miya.

“Which conflict I’m I his mother? Do I come from where he does?” she posed.

The latter had earlier shared that when one is at home, they are with their partner, but when they leave home things change. This response generated varying opinions, with people bashing her.

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