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Mummie Francie: Why I don’t help people to get jobs

TikToker-cum-content creator Mummie Francie has revealed why she does not seek job opportunities for anyone. While responding to a fan who had requested her to get her a job, Mummie detailed reasons as to why she does not get involved.

She said that in case things go south, she does not want to be faulted for misleading the person.

Painting a scenario, Mummie – whose real name is Francisca Mbaye – said that the reason that tops her list is being blamed for someone’s bad experience after she referred them.

“You could be a good person while your employer could not be kind to you then you blame me for your misfortunes. Alternatively, you could be an unkind person to your employer, and he or she ends up condemning me for referring you to them,” she explained.

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Further, she asked her fans to pardon her saying her reputation is at stake when the referee messes up.

“I understand the times are hard but for this please pardon me,” she said.

Her sentiments drew diverse comments from her fans.

“I have ever referred someone for an opportunity and wueh, story for another day. Now not unless you are a close relative that is worth fighting for; never again,” wrote Rozzie.

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“Nowadays people are actually afraid to refer people because when they mess, it is on you… I get you,” said Nimoo.

“Enyewe you have a point mummy,” said Florence.

“Very true, I also do not refer because if they argue the blame will be on you,” wrote Andy Maurine.

“Life is about risking if you have a job opportunity give it out for them to try their best,” said Princess Cheptoo.

“You would not have shared her plight like that. I feel the pain of lacking a job but I come in peace,” wrote Judith Odima.

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