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Mum’s fury after minor is ‘abandoned at night’ by bus crew, company denies claims

A Mombasa mum has accused a bus company of abandoning her 14 year-old sister on the roadside at night after a mixup in the issuance of her ticket.

Swabrina Jamal, in a lengthy post on Facebook, claimed her sister, who was travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa on Wednesday, was abandoned on the roadside by the crew of a bus owned by Dreamline Express Limited.

This was after the girl had boarded the 9pm bus without a ticket.

Ms Jamal had booked the seat from the company’s Mombasa office.

The bus company has however refuted the claims, stating that the young girl was not abadoned on the roadside but was escorted back to the company’s booking station from where she was put in another bus, albeit from a different company.

Dreamline Express Limited also posted a video that captured how minor’s movement’s at their booking office. The video was however pulled down moments later.

The contrasting narrations have raised concerns on the safety of children travelling unaccompanied.