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Mungatana: How I lost my millions (But not to a witchdoctor)

Former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana has opened up about the con scheme that saw him lose millions of shillings to fraudsters.

Mr Mungatana dismissed reports doing rounds on social media that he was conned by a witchdoctor who promised to multiply his money to make him an overnight billionaire.

He said he fell prey to an investment scheme which was created by foreigners in cohort with local prominent leaders.


He said the proprietors of the scheme involved in buying and selling of oil appealed to deep-pocketed Kenyans to invest with them on promise of getting huge profits in return.

“ We received profit in the first and second rounds, but the third time the proprietors of the scheme disappeared with our money,” said the former assistant minister without revealing the amount he lost.

Reports appearing in a section of the media claim Mr Mungatana was defrauded a whopping Sh76 million. On Monday, Mr Mungatana refused to state the exact amount he lost, but said it was a “huge amount of money.”

Foreigners identified as Abdoulaye Tamba, Abdalla Tamba — both Chad nationals and Anthony Mwangangi are already in police custody after the court ordered to have them detained for 15 days to allow the police complete the investigations.


The suspects were nabbed in a raid by detectives at a house on Brookside Drive, Westlands where they were found with Sh1 billion fake notes in dollar and Euro currencies.

“The suspects were arrested on September 28 and police invited the public to make any complaints regarding the acussed. I recognised Abdalla as one of those who defrauded me in a totally different scheme that had nothing to do with witchcraft and multiplication of dollars,” said Mr Mungatana.

He added: “I did not want to be an overnight billionaire as claimed. That is not what my mother taught me. I have been working hard all my life.”

The lawyer castigated a section of the media for “portraying me as a fool for falling prey to fraudsters.


“Yes, I excelled both at Alliance High School and the University of Nairobi. I’m now pursuing my PhD. But that incident can happen to anyone. Crime does not respect your degree,” he said.

Mr Mungatana said several prominent Kenyans fell prey to the fraudsters but have not reported the matter to the police for fear of exposing themselves to ridicule.