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Munipende! Kenyan man advises his two wives at traditional wedding

By Winnie Mabel January 12th, 2023 2 min read

A Kenyan man from the Kalenjin community was full of advise for his two wives on the day he took on a second woman for a wife.

In a now-viral TikTok video seen by Nairobi News, while standing in front of the invited guests, the man went ahead to tell his women what he expected from them.

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At this time, though, it wasn’t hard to miss how crestfallen and moody one of the women was and the other one clueless until it emerged she did not understand the Kalenjin language before the man repeated his advice in English.

“You must love one another and live together in peace, and you must love me. Feed me too. I don’t demand too much.

I just want you people to be smart, I want to be smart as usual. I will change as many times as possible, I can change even ten times in a day but don’t regret about me.

I am me and I will not change. I will not shame you in front of your children, in front of your parents, in front of your friends and everybody else…

I want to say thank you. I’m telling these people there are no women like you in this world. You have your own weaknesses, you have your own strengths but you are the best.

Even these people are secretly admiring you but they are not telling you because these other women out there are soldiers- they would have beaten up people very badly (if they were in the same situation). You both helped me and I am so grateful and I will honor you. Okay, go and sit down,” said the man.

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In the comment section where this video was shared, many also noted how beaten the first wife looked as her husband had the time of his life parading them before hundreds of guests in the nighttime event.

“I am trying to imagine the pain in the heart of the first wife. God never let me experience such,” said Mother Teresa.

“He has already embarrassed the first wife in front of the children,” added LoveIsFun.

“The first wife looks like she has been manipulated into this. She looks so sad,” said Serah.

“Second wife is happy not knowing the third is on the way, that is how the game is,” added Iddah.

“First wife is going through emotional damage and the man is there bragging,” noted Antony Trivet.

“You bring a second wife, I look for a second husband,” added Ann Kuria.

“Why can’t the first wife just walk away? She’s just sad and embarrassed,” said Damaris.

“It’s like men can’t see how they are hurting woman…next time we will also look for other men. We will introduce our boyfriends to our husbands so that you can also feel the pain,” added a user.

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