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Munya offers ‘non-performing’ Sh2.4m bulls for slaughter and feasting

Bulls which were bought at a cost of Sh2.4 million by Meru county in 2014 to improve local beef breeds will be slaughtered for residents since they have become too heavy to perform, Meru governor Peter Munya has said.

While giving his annual state of the county address at the Meru County Assembly on Thursday, Mr Munya said the bulls had sired 392 calves in the last three years.

He said the bull project had succeeded despite being subjected to propaganda by his opponents. Mr Munya distributed 15 bulls to groups in the first phase of the project in April 2014.

“We bought the bulls to serve cows in dry areas where it is difficult to use AI services. The bulls cost us Sh120, 000 each contrary to propaganda by my opponents,” Mr Munya said.


“The bulls have served 2,108 cows but they are now too heavy to mount cows. We intend to give them to groups which will slaughter them and hold feasts. I will attend the bull eating ceremonies,” he added.

The governor said the county government would buy more bulls to continue with the work.

The bulls were purchased under an integrated agriculture revitalization programme that cost the county government Sh200 million.

The programme incorporated hiring of veterinary officers, provision of AI services and acquiring sexed semen technology which helps breeders to choose the sex of the calf before birth.

In his speech, Mr Munya also said his administration had distributed more than 2800 dairy goats and 83,660 chicken to farmers.