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Murang’a man dies after taking part in a drinking competition

A man is reported to have died after consuming lethal alcohol.

Kahuro Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner Fredrick Mili confirmed Leon Mbutu was in the company of revelers competing on who would take more alcohol.

The incident took place at Mukangu town in Murang’a County and led to a confusion amongst the drinking buddies.

“It is disturbing that a young man ended his life in such a manner. In deed we have a number of people who are making illicit liquor in this area,” he said, adding that they will be conducting raids in various dens within the Sub-County.

Mili warned those colluding with those illicit liquor dealers of dire consequences.

One of the deceased’s close friends said Mbutu had told them that he was able to take three glasses of the illicit liquor, one after the other and nothing would happen to him.

“He drank the first and second glass but when it came to the third one, we all noticed that things were not well and decided to help him get medical attention,” said the friend.

The friends first opted to take him to a nearby bodaboda shed, laid him down and gave him some time to recover.

However, things worsened when they noticed that white foam was oozing from his mouth and nose which prompted them to rush him to a nearby dispensary.

The doctors at the dispensary later advised them to take him to Murang’a County Hospital for better medical attention.

However, Mbutu did not make it to the hospital where he was referred to as he died while they were headed there.