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Muranga murder: 20-year-old arrested for killing 83-year-old granny

Police in Murang’a county has arrested four suspects concerning the killing of an 83-year-old granny.

The four include a 20-year-old, the main suspect, and the other three suspected of having bought the stolen goods.

According to the police, the suspect was arrested in Nairobi, where he escaped after committing the heinous act.

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Her lifeless body was found by a neighbour who decided to go and visit her as she had not been seen the whole day.

Police said that when the neighbour went to Pauline Wanjiku’s house, she knocked, and there was no response, but she noticed that the kitchen door had been left ajar while the door leading to the living room was locked from the outside.

She then opted to gather neighbours who broke into the main house.

“They were shocked to find the old lady lying lifeless on her sofa with her hands tied together on her back, a headscarf hanging loosely on her frail neck and blood oozing from her mouth,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said on Tuesday.

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Police who were immediately called to the scene established that the house had been ransacked and a 32-inch television, electric jiko and mobile phone were missing.

“All that was left behind was a kiondo (basket) containing the deceased’s foodstuff, which she had bought the previous evening at the local shopping centre 300 meters away for her evening meal,” police added.

Preliminary investigations established that the deceased lived alone and would occasionally be visited by her grandson, Eric Wanyoike, who lives in the city and who police say had also bought her the electronics.

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The forensic analysis led detectives to the prime suspect in Waithaka, Nairobi County, where they discovered the senior citizen’s stolen electric cooker.

“The television set was recovered from a second suspect identified as Wilkister Awuor, who admitted to have bought it from the suspect at Sh5,000. Similarly, the deceased’s phone was also recovered from a third suspect identified as Mercy Kadenge, who bought it from the suspect at Sh600,” police said.

Four suspects are currently being held at Kandara police station as detectives finalise their investigations.

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