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Murder & suicide: Suspected love triangle leaves two men dead

By KNA July 11th, 2019 2 min read

A 28-year-old man was allegedly killed by a man who accused him of having an illicit affair with his wife.

The victim was first reported missing last week before his decomposing body was found lying on a village track by passersby at Patanoni location in Kwale County who were attracted by a foul smell.

Police identified the deceased as Salim Sayid the son of the local assistant chief.

According to the local officer commanding police station (OCS) -now known as ward commanders- Ludwin Sasati, villagers found the deceased in a bush while heading to their farms in the morning.

He said the victim had a deep panga cut in the back of his head and appeared to have been beaten up by his assailants.

Police investigations show that the suspect, Morris Ndegwa, who later committed suicide, was married to Mwaka Kombo whom he suspected was having an affair with the murder victim.

The police chief said Ndegwa had allegedly intercepted some text messages three weeks before the victim mysteriously disappeared.


Police investigations further showed that the man who committed suicide had initiated a conversation with the murdered man using the phone of his wife to entrap him.

The local police boss added that the suspect had earlier texted the deceased pretending to be his wife and asked Sayid to pay him a visit.

Ms. Kombo was asked by her husband to pick up Sayid from the bus stage when he arrived in the village.

When Sayid came, the husband asked the wife to give them some space to talk over certain matters.

She said shortly after, they were joined by another man and that she saw the three men leave the house together in the direction of the nearby bushes while discussing in low tones.

But later, her husband and the other man returned without the company of the deceased.

When word went round that Sayid was missing, police and villagers mounted a search before villagers found the decomposing body on Wednesday this week.

Immediately the body of the victim was found, Ndegwa fled the area but villagers who went after his general direction found him hanging from a branch of a tree on the village path.

Police have taken into custody Ms. Kombo and her son for questioning.

Police said the two would appear in court soon after an investigation into the murder is concluded.