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Murdered ‘influencer’ told dad he sold air tickets

The father of one of the four men recently murdered in yet-to-be-established circumstances admits his son did not have challenges accessing cash.

Evans Bowendo, the dad to Frank Obegi whose mutilated body was found in Kijabe forest, confessed in a media interview he severally questioned his son on the source of his income.

The deceased son, who was a popular digital influencer, would respond he made the cash from commission while selling airline tickets.

His friends and neighbours knew him as an online writer who locked himself indoors for most of the time.

“One moment you could see him inside a plane and the next you spot him swimming in the Indian Ocean,” a distraught Bowendo explained in a media interview.

Obegi went missing last Tuesday with two of his friends namely Elijah Omeka and Moses Nyachae.

Their other friend identified as Fred Obare disappeared two days later moments after receiving a call from one Maureen (wife to Mr Omeka) requesting he joins her in making a report at the Kasarani Police Station that her husband was missing.

According to Mr Bowendo, the son was fond of taking flights and travelling to several parts of the country.

Mr Bowendo said whenever his son was touring the country, it was hard to get him on the phone and he could only upload the images on his social media accounts and WhatsApp.

The parent said he was not aware his son was missing until a close friend called him and broke the sad news that the body was lying at City Mortuary.

“I did not believe the friend and I had to engage my brother who lives in the city to go and confirm what I had been told. Shockingly, he confirmed that indeed my son was no more,” Mr Bowendo said, adding that it could be important if the police could get to the bottom of the matter.

The four friends are suspected to have been engaging in fraud and had scammed several people of their hard earned cash through bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

According to Kasarani Sub-county police boss Mr Peter Mwanzo, detectives were still pursuing the matter in order to understand what had really transpired.