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Murife don’t run! What to do if a dog chases you

By Kevin Cheruiyot September 30th, 2022 2 min read

The South African name Molefe, which is pronounced as Murife has been trending for the last two weeks with Kenyans on Twitter creating memes about it.

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It started when a clip of a middle-aged South African boy being chased by a dog emerged on social media, as the poor boy had no other option but to run.

Amid the confusion, a lady is heard in the background advising him not to run, but Murife did exactly what many would have done when faced with a menacing canine.

The boy became the subject of memes in Kenya, as social media users used the clip to pass their message.

While Kenyans are still excited by what Murife did, many people failed to highlight what measures one can take when someone comes face to face with the same predicament as Murife.


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A dog is a friendly animal to a human being, but it can turn into a threat.

Canine behavioural consultants advise that if you come across an aggressive dog, stop your movement, drop the gaze, and roll your body sideways away from the canine instead of facing it straight.

Also, avoid moving in the direction of the dog since it will feel threatened, hence, chasing you will be its only option of defending its boundaries.

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Another trick is to freeze and stay calm if the dog follows you at a distance while you back away. This move will make the dog bark at you.

If the canine attacks you, you will have to imply your strategy in your hour of survival, which could include kicking and moving to a safer place.

Also, in case the canine bites you, you are advised not to retaliate by trying to go for the canine.

This would cause more injury to you since the dog might be forced to bite you again as it defends itself.

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