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Murkomen cut down to size after rant on ‘kamata kamata’ Friday arrests

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has received flak on social media after complaining about the arrest of two top lawyers on Friday.

The Leader of Majority in the Senate complained that the arrest of lawyers Tom Ojienda and Peter Wanyama was a violation of the constitution.

“The arrest of Peter Wanyama & Tom Ojienda and indeed many Kenyans on Fridays for cases which have been under investigation for weeks, months & even years is a violation of our Constitution & weaponization of the fight against corruption!” tweeted Murkomen, who is also a lawyer.

Ojienda and Wanyama will be charged with financial misappropriation and fraudulent dealings at Mumias Sugar Company. The Friday arrests have been branded “kamata kamata Friday”.

Many see it as a trick by law enforcement officers to ensure that suspects spend at least a weekend in police cells as judges and magistrates, who can give bonds and bails, are away.


But that did not go down well with most of those responding to his tweet, with many pointing out the irony.

Kipkoech Mitei Rober said: “‏It is a non-issue when ordinary Kenyans are arrested on Fridays but the usual suspects finds it inhuman when that happens to well-known individuals. There should be no one more equal than others under the law. Tom Ojienda.”

Wagurah J said: “You too getting jittery over Friday arrests…waogopa nini or are you next?”

Tribeless Kenyan added: “May i ask u as a lawyer . is there any specific day for arresting suspect.”

Ronny Amata quipped: “Wacha washikwe..kwani iko mini…wengine tulishikwa 24th tukatoka 27th na hamkuteta. .kwani yeye jasho yake ni maziwa? Alale ndani banaa..alaa.”

Migai Akech said: “This is cheap propaganda at best. Investigations take long for various reasons, including actions of the corrupt that frustrate investigators. And there is no time limit on prosecution of crimes. Solution is to seek judicial remedies if such prosecutions are abuse of due process.”

Oscar EL Karañja retorted: “Funga Wote!! Starting with Friday Arrests which are very welcomed by the Public. Good job @ODPP_KE @DCI_Kenya. Make sure arrests are on Fridays only, as we deal with these Corrupt Lawyers & Judges against pushing for Convictions!!”

Verah Vashti Okeyo said: “It’s amazing how lawyers shout “violation of our rights” when one of them is in touched, and say nothing when it’s ordinary Kenyans.”