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Murkomen gives Moha Jicho Pevu a reality check on how he may lose re-election

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has offered first time Nyali MP Mohammed Ali a sobering lesson on how to not get re-elected.

Murkomen advised Moha Jicho Pevu to ignore the showbiz of politics and focus on serving his constituents because they are the ones who will determine if he gets re-elected.

Mr Murkomen was responding to Moha’s earlier remarks that he will soon release a documentary that will expose corrupt MPs.

Ali made intentions public on Sunday after confiding in activist Boniface Mwangi.

But in a tweet on Monday, Murkomen asked Moha to stop seeking validation from keyboard warriors and concentrate on serving the people who elected him.

“My friend @MohaJichoPevu once you join politics you must forget completely depending on the opinions of keyboard warriors. Serve your constituents diligently they will mark your report card in 5 years. Only service to the people will win you elections and give you lasting legacy,” responded Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

Kenyans on Twitter had something to say about Murkomen’s .

@lawitourist said; “I don’t know hii inakuhusu aje @kipmurkomen ama hii ndio service to your people wewe ..Just relax @MohaJichoPevu Go on toboa.”

@keringet wrote; “Mbona mjomna unashtuka? Au nyie ndio magunia!”

@Teequilla asked; “Is he going to expose you? Why are you scared of his upcoming documentary?”

@nyanyukierick tweeted; “Corruption can be brought to book by keyboard warriors…go on moha thats infact one way of serving the public and your constituent members.”

@bob_kaugi asked; “And what have you been doing for your people?”

@Willy_pi commented; “And what have you done apart from tweeting since you were elected?”

@MaruchPekers said; “@kipmurkomen the reason some of Kenyans want to do away with senators and women rep is based on your character and performance. Gossip!”