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Murkomen, Kutuny take raging battle online, as netizens cheer them on

By BPETER MBURU November 29th, 2018 2 min read

North Rift politicians Kipchumba Murkomen and Joshua Kutuny have taken their raging war of words to social media after clashing on live national TV midweek.

The two legislators faced off during the JKL show on Citizen TV, with Kutuny claiming that he not only picked Murkomen from the streets, but that he also bought him his first car.

“Why are you forgetting that I’m the one who picked you from the streets? I used to send you money every weekend through my wife. I even bought you the first car,” Kutuny said during the TV show.


On Wednesday evening, Mr Kutuny, who is the Member of Parliament for Cherangany MP, published part of a video clip where he claims he lifted the Elgeyo Marakwet senator from the ground on his Facebook page.

“I picked Murkomen in the streets and made him a senator, he should respect his elders,” the MP wrote

But through a Facebook post Murkomen responded by saying: “Those of you who sent M-Pesa money to me over 10 years ago through your spouses and you have faithfully kept the messages since then, tukutane pale Java 4pm tukunywe.”

The online banter, drew funny reactions online, but it is Mr Murkomen who took some heavy beating from netizens.


“Kutuny was your Aromat. Just respect that my fren. M-Pesa statements can be retrieved,” stated Hempstone Ongidi Otego.

“Boss I thought you were a Christian, Kutuny helped you when you were in need. You might have money now but you didn’t have it then, you need to be grateful. This kind of arrogance is nauseating,” Fredrick Matengo commented.

That post appeared to have angered the senator who replied “Helped me??? You mean you believe the nonsense?”

But other netizens continued fanning the flames.

“You provoked Kutuny, after telling him he was picked from charcoal burning, and he was just reminding you he also picked you up from somewhere. Pride comes b4 a fall. Usitukane mkunga na uzazi ungalipo. In the meantime concentrate on planting ovacados,” wrote Monica Mwangi.

There were also those came to Murkomen’s defence.

“I thought before joining politics OKM (Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen) was a university lecturer,” Eric Tanui wondered.

“You made him a senator or his people made him a senator? Some people though,” wrote Josphat Koech.

“We need a rematch now on JKL live,” Kelvin Ndaranga commented.