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Murkomen responds to gospel artist’s car request

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has reached out to Mercy Jerop, a gospel artist who requested him to buy her a car.

Jerop shared that she would want the car to aid in her ministry and shared her intentions and phone number for the CS to reach her while holding a hand-written placard.

With the photo going viral, CS Murkomen in response shared that Jerop was a saloonist who, like many other entrepreneurs, suffered a major setback in 2020 because of Covid-19.

He tweeted, “We have discussed how I can support the revival of her business. We have agreed that even though a car may be important for her ministry, it is better to support a sustainable business that can finance her gospel ministry in the long run.”

Then added that he congratulated Jerop for her service to God and mankind before quoting Isaiah 52.7.

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Jerop is not the first Kenyan who has asked a politician to help in one way or the other through social media. While others publicly confess their undying love to the said politicians, others request jobs or even cars, as in the case of Jerop.

In October last year, Mumias East MP Peter Salasya personally met the woman who went viral on social media asking for his hand in marriage.

In the undated video, which did rounds online, Lydia Ronad could be seen holding a hand-written placard along Tom Mboya Street, which professed her love for the legislator.

Despite initially turning down her advances, Salasya offered to meet the woman for lunch via a rejoinder on Twitter.

“I told Kenyans that I would invite her for lunch and in fact, we have just had lunch with her. She is a very brave girl,” said Salasya in a video that captured the pair dining at Parliament’s canteen.

Early this year, a man identified as Meme Samuel Makamba photo of him asking the Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza for a job went viral.

Makamba was seen holding a hand-written placard with his qualifications displayed, seeking employment from the county boss. He boasted of having two Bachelor’s Degrees and CPA certifications but had tarmacked for nine years without getting a job.

Just like Jerop and Ronad, Makamba met up with Governor Mwangaza in her office and shared photos of him signing some papers.

“A young gentleman by the name Meme Samuel Makamba whose picture went viral showing him seeking a job in the streets with a manilla-inscribed plea pinned to his back can finally rest assured of job security.

Despite Samuel having 2 Bachelor’s Degrees and CPA certification, he has unsuccessfully sought gainful employment for the last 9 years. I met with him today and promised to give him a job,” she wrote.

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