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Murkomen’s advice for motorists during the rainy season

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has asked motorists and other road users to excursive caution during the rainy season.

In a statement, the CS specifically advised Kenyans to avoid flooded areas while walking or driving.
He assured Kenyans that his ministry was taking steps to mitigate losses arising from the floods.

The youthful CS further directed all the road agencies to act promptly to the emergencies as they occur.
“I have also appointed the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) to be the lead agency in the coordination of all the intervention works to ensure traffic is restored as quickly as possible,” said Murkomen.

Murkomen stated the government will use contractors who are already on the site to undertake the emergency works on roads damaged by the rains.

He also put on high alert other nearby contractors for assistance in the restoration works once the water subsides.

The CS conceded the heavy rains had caused flooding in some parts of the county which had in turn damaged road infrastructure.

“The heavy rains have led to road cut-offs in various areas and sections, thus disrupting traffic flow due to road washouts, and extensive silting that have rendered some roads impassable.”

“I urge Kenyans to exercise maximum caution when venturing out during this rainy season. Specifically, children and the vulnerable should avoid unnecessary travel and activities that predispose them to danger occasioned by flooded roads.”

Kenyans have woken up to heavy rains for the past week.
The rains have led to flooding, loss of properties, and even deaths in some areas.

The Kenya Meteorological Department, recently announced the ongoing rains will continue until April 2024.

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