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Murugi Munyi: Don’t ask me about long distance relationships, I have no answers

Vlogger Murugi Munyi has asked her fans not to seek advice from her long distance relationships, since she does not have the answers herself.

This is after her husband recently moved abroad, leaving her and their children behind. Munyi said she misses him terribly and that she is yet to figure out how to cope with the new arrangement.

“If you are in a long distance marriage or relationship and perhaps you have heard that I am in one as well and you have probably come to me for tips and encouragement. I would like to encourage you to look elsewhere on other pages,” she said.

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“Because I myself am discouraged, I cannot offer you encouragement. People keep saying it gets easier, I guess I haven’t reached that stage. With every passing day, I miss him more, I feel his absence more, so I am not there yet I need that encouragement,” she explained.

The content creator started her career nine years ago by simply sharing her daily experiences as a new mother.

Last year she trended after revealing that she had undergone a liposuction, a rather expensive procedure.

Some could not believe that a person who works as an influencer full-time could afford such a procedure, while others criticised her for bowing to pressure to look a certain way online.

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But Munyi denied that her decision was influenced by social pressure, insisting that the surgery was something she did for herself.

In a past interview with Nairobi News she revealed that she had been thinking about having liposuction for a while. She said she has always been a chubby person but never thought that she was ugly just because of her weight.

“I love the way I look, but having children changes a person. Even though I decided to go to the gym and start eating healthy, it was not bearing results,” she said.

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